Editing or proofreading quotes – how do I use your online calculator?

If you're ready to get a quote for your editing or proofreading project, you can do so using our online calculator. Below is a quick guide to using it for the first time.

The tool is designed to be simple to use and requires only a few details from you to work out your editing or proofreading quote.

Getting started

When you navigate to our quote tool, you'll see the screen below:

screenshot of online quote calculator

1. Enter your email address, so that we can send you your quote by email

When you complete the form, you'll receive an email with the full details of your quote

quote calculator screenshot with email address highlighted

2. Enter the word count of your document

Please enter the full word count of your document

quote calculator screenshot with word count highlighted

3. Choose the service you require

You can choose between editing and proofreading services

4. Select your preferred turnaround time

We can have your document back to you in five business days, three business days or two business days. We can currently edit documents of up to 5,000 words using our two-day service and up to 10,000 words using our three-day service.

quote calculator – choose turnaround time

5. Choose your preferred currency

We offer a range of major currencies but if there are any others you would like to see, please let us know

quote calculator – choose preferred currency

6. Choose whether or not you'd like to receive our monthly email newsletter with tips and special offers

quote calculator – monthly newsletter signup

7. Click 'Get a quote now'

Once you've entered these details, simply click the 'Get a quote now' button. Your quote will be instantly calculated and we'll send you an email confirming the details.

If you'd like to go ahead with your editing or proofreading project, you can click on the link in this email to upload your document and get started.

Do you have any other questions on how to use our editing services? If so, please get in touch now.

Ready to get started? Get a quote now

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