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To celebrate the recent publication of his new book exploring supply chain trends around the world, our client Mark Millar has kindly given us a free copy as a prize for one lucky blog reader. 

The book, Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, explores how the new world economic order is affecting global supply chains – and what any business must do to find competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Happily, the book is written in an engaging style with a refreshing lack of jargon (we approve!). It is therefore accessible for managers and executives at every level of an organisation.

Mark is one of Asia's leading experts on supply chain and logistics, and is also an internationally-acknowledged advisor, lecturer, author and speaker.

Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides independent insights and a wealth of practical information to demonstrate how these shifting ecosystems can impact every area of business today. 

Topics include: 

  • The Asian Era – what the shifting economic center of gravity means as the workers become the shoppers
  • The impact of the new Silk Road on the new and sometimes unstable economies across Central Asia and the Middle East
  • A look at which economies might follow China to become major players in the global economy – could Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines or even Myanmar become the stars of tomorrow?

Even if supply chain management is not your area of interest or expertise, Mark's book promises to unravel its business impact across multiple dimensions – and explore what those changes mean for consumers and managers alike. 

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All entries received by 31 August 2015 will be included in the prize draw, and we'll contact the lucky winner in early September. 

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