Our name

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People often ask us about our company name. Why is it human communications, they want to know. Do we provide human resources advice, for example?

The answer to that one’s simple: no. But there is a very deliberate reason for the name...

Lots of corporate communication today has become just that: overly corporate. As a result, even the smallest businesses can end up feeling they have to adopt a dry and impersonal tone in their communications.

Companies avoid showing any personality, worried that it'll make them appear less professional. And they find themselves resorting to business jargon to describe their products and services.

Or, as they focus on appearing bigger than they are, they forget to explain how they can actually help their customers.

Because of this, many companies don’t manage to get their message across as effectively as they'd like.

The 'human' approach

Human Communications exists to help companies communicate in a more human way. By treating your customers, staff and investors as real people, you'll be better able to attract their attention and build a trusted relationship with them.

All our services are designed to support this aim:

  • Our copywriting services help you to put across your written message more effectively. As you create content that explains what you do and how you can help customers, you'll be better able to engage your audience first time.
  • If you’ve already drafted your materials, you can use our editing and proofreading services to polish your words, correct any errors and ensure you're using natural language that appeals to your audience.
  • Our transcription services allow you to capture the very human words that you and your team deliver in presentations, seminars, roundtables and podcasts – any audio recording can be turned into powerful written content by our transcriptionists.
  • Our business writing and presentation skills training courses, meanwhile, will help your staff communicate with more confidence, allowing them to wow prospects and build stronger relationships with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

So, that's us and our name. In a nutshell, we help you to communicate in a more human way. Find out more about how we do this.