Four ways transcription can help you deliver more content online


Are you trying to attract new customers to your business? You probably already know that posting high-quality content on your website is a great way to get more traffic, boost your search engine rankings and demonstrate your expertise.

But it can be hard to find the time to consistently create great content, especially if you’re juggling all the other responsibilities that come with your role.

So here’s a secret. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your content calendar a boost is to invest in transcription services – either dictating content to be published online or repurposing your existing content to get more value out of it.

Keen to find out more? Read on for our quick tips on using transcription to make your content marketing a breeze.

Dictate the first drafts of your blog posts

What takes you longest when creating blog posts? Is it coming up with an idea? Or is it the time-consuming process of writing out your thoughts, rewording them, editing, proofreading and formatting the posts? If you’re like most of us, it’s the latter.

Instead of spending hours on each post when you could be growing your business, try dictating them into your phone or computer, then sending them to a transcription service to take care of the typing and formatting.

There are two main benefits of doing so. First, you might be amazed at how many blog posts you can map out in one sitting. Once you get over the unusual feeling of talking to yourself, you’ll really hit your stride.

And second? Speaking out loud will give your content a more conversational tone – something that this New York Times best-selling author found made a huge difference to how long people spent reading his content.

Have your video content transcribed and enjoy more SEO benefits

Are you already using video on your website? That’s great, but without a transcript to accompany them you could be missing out on valuable SEO benefits.

Since search engines can’t (yet!) read video, adding a transcription of each one can be a really valuable way to improve your ranking for important keywords. It also makes your expertise more accessible to visitors who might not be able to watch videos in an open-plan environment, or who simply prefer reading.

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Offer podcast transcripts in return for email sign-ups

Do you have a popular podcast that’s attracting more listeners but not capturing new leads? Why not offer a podcast transcript in return for details, such as a listener’s name and email address? It’s a great way to reward loyal listeners – and build your mailing list.

Even if you’re not keen to ask listeners for their details just yet, podcast transcription has the same SEO benefits as video transcription – and will give potential customers a new way to consume your content.

It won’t cost much to get your podcast transcribed, but it could add value to the work you’ve already put into creating it.

Dictate your social media posts in advance

We’ve all been there. You decide to keep up a consistent social media presence for your business, only to find that it drops by the wayside the moment a more pressing business project comes along. It’s a constant battle for business owners keen to keep up their marketing efforts.

Here’s a tip. Instead of struggling to find the time to add new posts each day, why not try dictating a batch of posts in one go, then having them transcribed? Once you’ve got the text, it’s easy to plug it into a social media scheduling tool that can share your posts gradually over the week.

You could link to your best blog posts, share a key fact or two about your industry and even promote your services to your followers – all while you’re actually getting on with the day job.

Not convinced? Make it more fun by scheduling half an hour with your iPhone and a glass of wine (but not too big a glass, or the transcriptionist may struggle to understand you…).

So there you have it – four ways you can use transcription to create more content for your business.

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"Transcripts make my writing process so easy (and save me tons of time!). And you can’t beat Human Communications’ level of customer service—they’re friendly, quick to reply to emails, accommodating and always on time."

– Shannon Marie, Writer, You Need A Budget