Is your business writing setting you apart?


Jason Fried, founder of software company 37 signals, recently published an article about business writing. 37 signals is known for its clean and uncluttered business software, and Fried’s views on writing reflect this desire for simplicity.

In the article, Fried argues that most business writing is boring and says that companies can distinguish themselves by avoiding corporate jargon and injecting personality into their words.

We agree. Every time your company communicates, if you choose jargon, acronyms, and the longest word possible, you’ll alienate prospective customers and make it harder for them to understand what your business does and how you can help.

But if you address them as you would a friend, and focus on writing clearly and simply, your communications will succeed because you’ll be understood first time and will stand out from your competitors. Best of all, once your customers know what you can do for them, they’ll be able to let others know too.

As Fried goes on to say:

“If you care about your product, you should care just as much about how you describe it. In nearly all cases, a company makes its first impression on would-be customers or partners with words -- whether they’re on a website, in sales materials, or in e-mails or letters... Your words are your frontline. Are they strong enough?”

Are they?

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