Is your company’s personality coming through?

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Another call for companies to be more human in their communications comes in a recent article from Constant Contact, an email marketing company, which underlines the importance for businesses of showing some personality when they communicate with customers. 

Although the article looks at how consumer-facing businesses can use their email marketing campaigns to stand out from the competition, many of the tips can be applied to any business.

Elyse Tager, the article’s author, urges companies to take a personal approach by using “humanized content” to create a stronger connection with readers and show that real people work in the business.    

The article also urges businesses to drop any marketing and sales speak, and adopt a more casual tone in their communications.

One of the most important tips is for businesses to ensure they are providing content that educates their audience. A company blog, for example, provides a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with potential clients, rather than trying to sell them your products. You can then benefit by being seen as an authority in your industry, allowing you to build trust with your readers and convert prospective customers into buyers in future.

The article goes on to highlight the role video can play in making a company seem more human. It suggests using video to share such moments as a customer raving about your service, your team reaching a company milestone, or your staff wishing customers a happy holiday.

The article emphasises that whatever your business, your customers increasingly want to deal with companies that show some personality. Are you showing yours?

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