Quality content effective but hard to do well, finds survey

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A new global survey has found that the creation of high quality content is the most effective way to improve a website’s chances of being found online. However, according to the marketers surveyed, it’s also the most difficult tactic to deliver successfully.

According to the survey, conducted by consultancy Ascend2, 57% of those questioned believe that quality content creation is the most effective tactic to use when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). But, at the same time, 47% said that it was the most difficult tactic to get right.

Other tactics that prove effective, according to the research, include keyword research and management, frequent updating of website content, social media integration and regular blogging. Each of these tactics was also seen as less difficult than creating great content.

In its SEO Marketing Benchmark Summary Report, Ascend2 noted that businesses understand the importance of producing high quality content if they are to reach internet users seeking information online. In a blog post commenting on the survey results, Ascend2 said that while website publishers should ensure they are creating quality content for their businesses, they should also keep in mind the need to appeal to humans, as well as to search engine algorithms.

Whatever your company’s approach – whether you prefer to focus on traditional SEO tactics or you’ve embraced the power of using content to answer customers’ questions and provide helpful information – there’s no doubt that improving your visibility online is still a challenging process.

We're firmly in the 57% camp. Quality content can be difficult to do well (challenges include finding the time and setting a realistic publishing schedule) but, as we've seen before with the success of companies that have adopted content marketing, it’s a particularly effective tactic and one that's well worth the commitment.

What challenges have you faced when creating content for your company's website? Do you agree with the survey's findings?

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