Status update: we're now on Facebook

OUr facebook page

OUr facebook page

We have a confession: although we signed up for a basic Facebook page some time ago, we never set it up properly.

To be honest, we held back because of the same concerns that prevent many small companies from building their social media presence – namely 'will we have enough useful and interesting content to share?' and 'will we have time to develop and share it?'

Just the kind of concerns, in fact, that you may also be facing as you use content to market your business online.

But one of the things we've noticed since that first foray into Facebook is the proportion of new business enquiries that now come through referrals and word of mouth. As business becomes more personal and networking becomes more social, it makes sense for us to have a proper Facebook presence. It should also allow us to:

  • Engage with more people interested in improving their business communications;
  • Address the most common questions we're asked by customers and prospects;
  • Reach potential customers on a platform where they are already spending time;
  • Share examples of both good and bad business communication, highlighting best practices and useful tips; and
  • Provide additional value to our existing customers and subscribers.

So please come and visit us on Facebook, and if you like our new company page, don't forget to 'like' it!

Does your company have a Facebook presence? Let us know so that we can pay you a visit too!

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