Transcription services – are you making the most of your audio and video content?


If you regularly create audio or video content for your website or blog, then you're already well ahead when it comes to finding ways to engage your audience.

But while the audio and visual variety provided by videos and podcasts can be great for engaging your website visitors, there are still likely to be those who prefer written content.

For example, some people may absorb new material best when they can do so at their own pace. For others, it simply may not be convenient for them to play a video or podcast at their computer.

Alternatively, some visitors to your site may find that they get more out of reading a document than they do from listening to someone else speaking.

So, if you're developing new media content for your website or blog, it's also a good idea to produce a transcript of the material to offer alongside it. That way, your audience can choose the format that best suits their needs.

And, because people tend to search online using words and phrases that reflect the way we naturally speak, you're also likely to benefit from improved search engine traffic by including transcripts on your website or blog.

Similarly, if your company hosts regular presentations, seminars or webinars, these can provide a rich stream of written content to use online. By creating an audio recording of your event or speech and having it transcribed, you can then use this content as the basis for future articles, newsletter stories and blog posts. And, as a bonus, you'll ensure you maximise the time and effort you put into creating the content in the first place.

Keen to get started? Why not give our transcription services a try? We can have your audio professionally transcribed and returned to you in as little as 48 hours. Just let us know your requirements here.

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