Human Communications launches online tool for instant editing and proofreading quotes

  • Provides customers with an easy way to get a quote
  • Allows website visitors to choose their desired service, turnaround time and currency

8 August 2014 – Human Communications has launched a new tool that allows customers to get an instant quote for its editing and proofreading services. With the online quote generator, companies now have an easy way to check the cost of correcting and polishing their business documents, helping them to communicate more clearly with their target audience.

The new tool provides customers with a tailored quote, based on their document’s word count, their required turnaround time and their choice of editing or proofreading services.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen growing demand for our editing and proofreading services from organisations who want to communicate their message more effectively,” said Dominic Masterton-Smith, Human’s founder and director.

“Whether customers are working on a report, a media release or an article, they know that the language they use must be clear, error-free and easily understood by readers. Enlisting the help of a professional editing and proofreading service can make all the difference between an average first draft and a document that shines.

“Our new tool allows website visitors to receive an instant quote for these services and provides an easy way to get started if they haven’t used an editing or proofreading service before.”

The quote generator allows visitors to Human’s website to receive an immediate editing or proofreading quote online. The tool also sends customers an email with full details of their estimate for easy reference. If a customer chooses to have their document edited or proofread, they can simply reply to this email to get started.

Customers can choose from three different turnaround times for their document: two business days, three business days and five business days. The different options ensure that customers with more urgent projects can have them completed on time, while offering cost savings for those submitting less urgent documents.

To support customers in different markets, the online tool also lets users select from a range of currencies when requesting a quote.

The new quote estimator is the first in a series of planned improvements to Human’s online services, making it easier to start a new project. “In time, customers will be able to request a quote, pay for editing or proofreading services and submit documents directly through the website,” said Dominic.

“We also plan to expand the tool, providing customers with accurate quotes for our other services, such as copywriting,” he added.

“In the meantime, we hope visitors will enjoy the convenience of being able to find out the cost of editing or proofreading their next document, whenever it suits them to do so.”

N.B. Since first launching this tool, we have updated the calculator with a faster version (March 2015). As well as providing all the functionality of the initial tool, the new version also integrates with our file sharing tool, allowing you to click on a link in your quotation email to upload your document through our website.

If you have any questions, please just let us know. We have updated the links in this article to take you directly to the new quote calculator.