Consumers more likely to buy from companies that spell correctly

For some companies, the need to use correct spelling and grammar in communications with their target audience can feel like a hindrance.

But new research has found that there’s a very good reason for taking the time to use correct grammar and spelling, especially in your company name: it’s also good for business.

Correct language matters

The survey by Barclays Business found that 89 per cent of UK consumers would be more encouraged to shop at a business that spells its name correctly.

The bank surveyed 2,000 UK consumers on their attitudes to business names. Second to companies with good grammar and spelling, shoppers said they would be most tempted to buy from a firm with a memorable business name. However, three in five would be less inclined to shop at a company whose name includes a pun.

The research also revealed that reputation and convenience are key factors in determining where consumers choose to shop. In a boost for retailers with a strong online presence, 42 per cent of respondents claimed that a poorly designed website would influence their opinion of a company.

Meanwhile, building trust can pay off for small firms – more than a third of respondents said they would pay more for products or services from a company that they trust.

Harmful to trade

Commenting on the findings, Adam Rowse, Head of Business banking at Barclays, said: “Our poll shows that it’s important not to overlook the finer details such as grammar or spelling which, if incorrect, can be detrimental to trade.”

The bank suggests that small businesses seeking to strengthen their brands should also take steps such as investing in a strong website, making use of social media channels and search engine optimisation, promoting customer feedback and reviews, and rewarding customer loyalty to encourage repeat business.

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