Software to end business speak on conference calls? Early April launch proves too good to be true


It's not every day that companies launch new software that alerts conference call participants when they lapse into unnecessary corporate speak.

But an announcement earlier this month could well have fooled some people, as communications provider Logitech heralded the introduction of new technology to automatically detect business speak (or, as the company called it, ‘BS’) during video calls.

The company explained how its software used artificial intelligence to flag up overly corporate language in business communications.

A blog post by the company claimed that it had been using the software internally for several months, and that productivity had dramatically increased as a result.

According to Logitech, the software led to less and less business speak across the company. It promised that companies signing up for the software would benefit from the same improvements.

To identify corporate jargon, the company brilliantly claimed that its system’s ‘razor-sharp optics’ monitor could evaluate speakers’ facial expressions. By doing so, the software could alert people in real time if they slipped into insincere business speak, said Logitech.

Sadly, of course, the announcement turned out to be an April Fool – meaning that the software hasn’t yet been developed to screen out redundant jargon on conference calls.

But by April 1st next year... who knows?

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